Thermometer + Oximeter (Combo) BDT1,090.00

1.  Instant Temperature Detector: ( Blunt Bird/ তাপীয় থার্মোমিটার /ব্লান্ট বার্ড 997/থার্মোমিটার)
  •  Instant Rapid Measurement (1-2 seconds)
  • Fever Warning Prompt (Corona Possibility)
  •  Infrared reception
  • Auto of multifunction
  • Backlit large display
  • Temperature mode 34- 42.9 C
  • Data Memory - 30 Individuals
  • Power supply: Battery DC 3 volts
  • Validity - 3 years
How to use?
  • Press the song button from a maximum distance of 5 cm along the forehead of the potential person.
  • Beep in 1-2 seconds (no laser) and at the same time you can see the temperature on the back large screen, if possible, give a warning so that the security or less educated people can easily understand that they need to be separated.
  • Remember it's not something to wear on the forehead.
2.  Oxygen and heart-rate measurement machine Model: CMS50D(পালস অক্সিমিটার /সিএমএস 50 ডি)


  • Instant solution to determine the amount of oxygen in the body;
  • Blood oxygen saturation rate and BPM can be determined;
  • It is very important to keep any home including health conscious person, travel enthusiast, heel tracker, sports enthusiast, skier, biker, pilot, doctor or emergency unit at home because it allows you to know SpO2 or Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart and Pulse Rate instantly at any moment. Goes;
  • Regular check-ups for the elderly, including those with lung and heart problems, are essential;
  • SpO2 or Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart and Pulse Rate is easily seen through a graph on a digital LED display in 7 seconds;
  • Used space: The exact rate can be determined by clipping on the toes, fingers or eardrums;
  • Can be used by people of any age;
  • The device is very light and small;
  • There are 4 types of display directions so that the reading rate can be easily understood;
  • Smart on off system 
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আপনি প্রোডাক্ট অর্ডার করার পর , আপনার অর্ডার কনফার্মেশন যাচাইয়ের জন্য   Live Shopping টিম মেম্বার আপনাকে কল করবে।
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